Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Road Safety in Bundaberg - Poor training, or couldn't care less

Whilst driving around Bundaberg in the rain yesterday, I again concluded what a useless, ignorant lot of drivers we have here.

It's drizzling rain, overcast skies and people are driving around in silver and other hard to see coloured cars with no lights on. They are almost invisible. Surely if you look down the road and say to yourself "Gee, that oncoming car is hard to see", you would immediately turn on your headlights (NOT your parklights which are intended to show where your car is when it is PARKED).

Then we have the drivers, not knowing or not caring about any other drivers on the road, who at the last minute indicate to turn. IF YOU HAVE PUT YOUR FOOT ON THE BRAKE PEDAL, YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY INDICATED. I'm not sure how some people got their licences.

The next bunch of drivers we have to contend with are those who were brought up driving old cars with really heavy steering. Now driving modern cars with light and/or power assisted steering, they still swing to the right to turn left, or swing to the left to turn right. A lot of these people just should not be driving if they do not have the ability to negotiate an intersection without endangering other drivers.

This situation is not helped by our local council who persist with continuous white lines right up to the point of the intersection. Most Bundaberg drivers do not use these as a guide as they are normally positioned on the road right beside the centre line, as they have no idea how wide their vehicle is, or where that lefthand white line is.

Now saying all this is fine, but unfortunately there is no way currently of enlightening these ill-educated or un-educated drivers. The problem is that not only are they endangering the lives of themselves and their passengers, often small children, but they unknowingly could cause a following car to run off the road or hit another car, while they drive on in ignorance of the carnage they have caused.

If you agree with me, please write a comment. If you disagree, tell me also.


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