Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Kolan River Kayaking - #2

The former bridge section at Smiths Crossing                                                                                                ©2008 WoJo12


One of my favourite spots to launch on the Kolan River is at Smiths Crossing. A crossing at this point used to exist, but the local council have now totally removed the bridge section. The causeway on the southern approach remains and continues to make a great spot to launch.

 From Smiths Crossing, one can paddle upstream for some 6km until a shallow section is reached. If you head downstream from Smith's Crossing, after about 3km you arrive at the bridge for Rosedale Road. Another 8 or 9 km will get you to Avondale Weir, where you see a great view of the steel bridge for the main north railway line.

Rail bridge at Avondale                                                 ©2008 WoJo12

Along the downstream section, there are lots of birds and animals to see. In a small backwater just downstream from Smith Crossing, I found this amazing sight. To the untrained eye, all these turtles appear to be the same, but several are not Kreffts Turtles - at least two are in fact the rare white-throated snapping turtle [Elseya albagula].

©2008 WoJo12

More about kayaking the Kolan, in a later post.

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