Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Customer Service in Bundaberg

Much has been written about the low standard of customer service in Bundaberg. But like any subject, there are exceptions. If any of my followers have experienced good service in Bundy, please add them to this blog by way of a comment.

Here is my list, so far -

No matter what time of day, whether it's raining or really hot, at the Neighbourhood Store in Elliott Heads Road Kepnock, I have always been welcomed with a smiling face and great service - well done to the owners and staff.

Justin at Bundaberg South Post Office always manages to greet customers with a smile, and remembers a lot of them by name.

The crew at the service desk at Kmart always seem to work well as a team to ease the queues at the other checkouts, and even when the queues are long, they always manage a smile.

Of all the sports stores in Bundaberg, the one with continual great customer service would have to be Avanti Plus in Bargara Road, East Bundaberg.

Bruce and his team at Hansens Auto Electrical are always happy to see you and the girls at the counter are always helpful.

I was ready in the newspaper today about someone having difficulty in getting good burgers and chips around Bundaberg area. Obviously they haven't been to the kiosk on the beachhead at Elliott Heads. Not only is the food great, but the staff are polite and courteous. I am always impressed by the way the younger staff address us oldies!!!

I needed to get my car serviced last week, preferably at home. I called Coral Coast Mobile Mechanic and was impressed with the thoroughness of the work - well done Michael.

Each time I go to Peter Walton Tyres, the staff and waiting room are always clean and tidy. The staff always great you with a smile. It seems to be the only place in Bundaberg to get a wheel alignment done correctly.

That's it from me for the moment - I'll add to the list when I remember or experience more great customer service.

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  1. Hello Wojo. It is great to read of your experiences of great service in Bundy.

    When we moved to Bundy from the city in NSW, a few years back, we were very pleasantly surprised by the excellent service which we received almost everywhere in Bundy and surrounding areas.

    Especially notable was the wonderful service by the YOUNG people in Bundy. They actually use eye-contact when serving customers, greet every one with a smile and an enquiry as to how they are going; and seem to mean it every time, as well. What a lovely contrast this is with the attitudes in the cities where the young ones seem to not be interested in their jobs or in their customers, etc. and are very off-hand.

    As a consequence, we LOVE the Bundy staff; and this makes the occasional poor service very noticaable.

    Congratulations therefore to most of the Bundy people of all ages for their usually excellently high standards of customer service; and especially to those wonderful YOUNG people.