Monday, 5 December 2011


Car - Subaru WRX STi, Driver - JoWo
Car - by WRX Drift Experience, Driver - WoJo12                                        (Photo ©2011 WoJo12)

Last month, I had one of the best days of my life - having recently had a successful month in my small business, I decided to shout my son and myself a rally car experience at the Gold Coast, after all, it is nearly Christmas. After an almost 5 hour drive we arrived at the track at Pimpana to be joined by about 8 or 9 other participants. The cars were 350 horse-power Subaru WRX STi's and our package was 2 lots of 5 laps, with an instructor beside us telling us about the correct lines, when to brake and when to floor it (the best part - the noise was fantastic under full power).

It was a hot day and the cars are not air-conditioned (saps too much power, I guess) and I was sweating like a pig!!!! After 5 laps, you just start getting into the swing of things, get most corners correct, and are more comfortable in the unfamiliar surroundings. But then you must stop to give the others a go.

After we had all completed our laps, my son and I were called into the training room. I thought "what have we done". There were very strict rules laid out at the initial drivers briefing, and warnings of severe and costly consequences if a driver, for example, hit the tyres on the edge of the track or did not obey the instructor's directions. But  soon I was relieved to find that they were making a presentation - my son had recorded second fastest time of the day .... I was presented with a trophy for fastest time of the day. Neither my son nor I had ever driven an all-wheel-drive car before. I was so excited that I wanted to do another session while we were there, but time and money prevented that. If anybody ever has the slightest chance to do something like this, grab it with both hands - you'll never ever regret it. Many thanks to my instructor, Jess, for her patience and perseverance with me.

Well that's it from me,  for my first post - see you here next time.

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