Monday, 28 November 2011

Bundaberg's Hidden Gem

Most postcards of Bundaberg seem to picture one of our older steel bridges - the so-called "Traffic Bridge" , the similar style "Kennedy Bridge" and the rail bridge. I have yet to see a postcard with the newest bridge over the Burnett River, the Tallon Bridge.

Unbeknown to a lot of Bundabergians and to our visitors, our most awesome bridge lies less than 7km west (if you are a crow) from the Bundaberg Post Office. Formerly part of the Bundaberg to Mount Perry railway line, this bridge over Splitters Creek is now landlocked by private land and can only be accessed by negotiation by the land owner. I had originally thought I may be able to kayak up Splitters Creek to the bridge. But because of the meandering nature of the creek, the tides and the fact that the nearest launch-point I could find was beneath the Traffic Bridge, it was going to be marginal whether I could get to the bridge before the tide receded and left me high and dry.

So don't tell anyone about it - you must keep a secret less the Bundaberg Regional Council find out about its existence, its tourist value and the fact that it is an important part of Queensland's history.

 All photographs taken on 26th April 2010. ©2010 WoJo12

This bridge is believed to be the longest and highest wooden trestle bridge surviving in Queensland.

Many thanks to Greg M for organising the visit with the landowner.


  1. Great photos Wojo - I love the bridge. We visited Bundaberg but only very briefly as that was where we purchased our caravan and it was a really rushed trip so no time for sight seeing. Cheers, Motherhen

  2. Thanks motherhen. I always enjoy your posts on the Caravaner's Forum.

  3. My ggrandfather worked land at Splitters creek in the late 1800's and I would love to be able to visit the area. My Grandmother was born at Sharon. This is an important part of my family history. Thanks. Sharron