Thursday, 22 December 2011

Captured by Coonarr Charisma

One of the best walking beaches around Bundaberg is about 24km south at the  most exclusive locality that is Coonarr Beach. I say exclusive as it is surrounded by nature reserves, and there are but 6 houses there and probably 6 vacant blocks of land. It physically cannot expand.

Nature's symmetry - 20 Nov 2011                                           ©2011 WoJo12
Walk to the beach and look in either direction - to the north in the distance one can see the township of Elliott Heads some 4km away, on the other side of the Elliott River. To the south, all one can see is 14 km of sandy beach, beyond firstly Coonarr Creek which is fordable at low tide. Then one can walk all the way to Theodolite Creek near Woodgate, after crossing One Mile Creek which is approx 12km from Coonarr Creek.

If you are contemplating walking here, take a large hat, sunblock and water - with our perfect unpolluted skies that sun can really burn, and there is little shade along the way.

Undaunted, I sauntered south into the wind,
Unthwarted by thongs or thrifty tourists,
 I sallied through the shallows in the sand and shells and shingles.
The only souls around were the soles of my feet.
 Twisted tossed trees trimmed the beach, stranded without soil or strength.
 Eroded sandy cliffs remain after the scouring by the recent tides.
The sea eagle soars, searching for a single scrap of scaley seafood.
Small birds swiftly dart into the scrub on my approach.
Crabs speedily scamper for seclusion.
Shellfish draw delightful designs in the damp sand,
 only to have them washed away in the waves of the incoming tide.                                                   
©2010 WoJo12

Deep-rooted survivor under a Bundy sky - 20 Nov 2011              ©2011 WoJo12
That's it for this edition - I feel like going for a walk !!!!!!


  1. Yes Wojo: that is indeed a beautiful beach.
    It is one of several in the Bundy region which would be perfect for naturists to use legally as a nudist beach. However it has been pointed out to me that there is a particularly virulent religious-based and very conservative activist in that area who regularly campaigns against such activities. I have friends who regularly walk on that beach who have found her anonymous messages under their windscreen wipers upon their return. The irony is that these people are not nudists; but she just makes her own uninformed assumptions that they are, because they are lone males.

    Your opening photograph for this topic is truly beautiful. Thanks.


  2. I'm sorry to say the tree in the above photo is no longer there, the January 2013 floods washed the sand from under it.
    and yes it would a nice naturalist beach

  3. Ah, that tree might be down, but certainly not out. New growth is adjusting to the horizontal position of the main trunk. I saw the tree just 2 weeks ago.