Saturday, 3 December 2011

Ocean Victory for Bundaberg

Tug "Wilga" at the entrance to the Burnett River 04 Dec2011          ©2011 WoJo12

Well, after the strong winds in the Wide Bay have subsided sufficiently, today finally saw the arrival in port of the "Ocean Victory" from Yokohama.  Scheduled originally to dock on Friday's daylight high tide, the 169m ship was escorted up the Burnett River by the Tug "Wilga" from Brisbane, and locally-based tug "Ballina".

The "Ocean Victory" entering the Burnett River 04 Dec 2011                                             ©2011 WoJo12

The most technical part of the docking is turning the ship around in the confines of the river. At the swing basin, the ship dropped its port anchor, and then the tugs began the job of swinging the ship about the anchor.

The "Ocean Victory" almost about, while the line boat awaits the mooring lines 04 Dec 2011        ©2011 WOJO12

The final step is to ease the vessel to the Bulk Sugar Terminal, gently pushed by the assisting tugs.

Tug "Ballina" pushing the "Ocean Victory" to the dock, pilot vessel "Kareela" already tied up                      04 Dec 2011                                                                                                                      ©2011 WoJo12

If everything goes according to plan, loading should be finished in time for the ship to leave on tomorrow's daylight high tide.

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