Thursday, 22 March 2012

Model A Ford Annual Meeting - Ipswich 2012

I recently discovered an old workmate was travelling with 4 other Model A Fords from Perth to Ipswich. I left sunny Bundaberg yesterday lunchtime and it hasn't stopped raining since I left - constant drizzle, not even real rain!!! Last night I camped at Chinchilla Weir, just out of Chinchilla, of course.

This morning I phone up my friend and they had stayed the night in Auguthella, so I was a fair way east of them. I decided to drive to Roma and meet up with them there. One car had a problem with a wheel bearing and stub axle, and another has been running on 2 cylinders for tha last 2000km.

More later but here are a couple of pictures from today's drive.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Nissan beats Holden at Mebourne GP meeting

Although you wouldn't know it from Ten's coverage of the GP meeting, Nissan beat Holden in both races at the GP meeting.

The Group A/C races have always profided close racing and great entertainment, but again were not part of Ten's coverage this weekend - damn!!!!

Oh well, back to the box -it's still raining here in Bundaberg

PS to see the results of ALL motor racing in Australia, go to

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

JS Comet - Arrival and first attempt at departure!!!!

A new ship to Bundaberg, the "JS Comet", sailed up the Burnett River yesterday from Tasmania, assisted by local tug "Ballina", with the "SMIT Leopard" from Gladstone standing by.

For this docking the port anchor was dropped into the river, and the "Ballina" then pushed the stern around until it was again parallel to the wharf. Then the tugs eased the ship the remaining metres to successfully tie up.

These days the 178m ship can be loaded in under 24 hours, so ETD was set for 7:30 this morning. The departure to Melbourne seemed normal from my position on the bank of the river in line with the bow, the lines had been cast off and the "Ballina" was easing the ship away from the wharf, when all of a sudden the starboard anchor was despatched into the deep. One of the linesmen then made a dash for the moored lineboat in order to ferry the mooring lines back to the wharf.

Panic on the fore-deck !!!! Notice the starboard anchor has been deployed.
 Further enquiries told me that the ship's engine had stopped - now that wouldn't be good if it happened five minutes later.