Sunday, 29 April 2012

Yesteryear Festival at Tegege, 2012

Each year in April, the Bundaberg Yesteryear Machinery Society holds an annual festival at Tegege, just north of Bundaberg. Each year the variety of exhibits changes - this year there was horse-ploughing, a bullock team, hand milking a cow, making butter, damper and billy tea, tractor pull, chain-saw demos, and the list goes on.

A 1940 D7 dozer at the sled-pull.
 As well as the machinery for the man on the land, there is a wide range of veteran and vintage cars and trucks in different degrees of restoration.

A partially restored Diamond T

Each year there are one or two rare or unusual vehicles around.

A four-wheel-drive Commodore Extra-Cab!!!!!!

Now - there is a prize of a new digital voltmeter (RRP $14.95) for the first person who can correctly identify this next vehicle (persons with the surname of Walker excluded !!). Use the email link for your answers.

Get your answer in quickly -  first correct answer wins.

That's it for this post - I have photos from previous years that I am sifting through for the best ones which will appear in a later post..

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