Saturday, 28 April 2012

More April News from the Bundaberg Port

Queensland Fisheries vessel "K I Ross"
Well, it's April 7 and "New Ambition" is due to sail shortly, but the attractive "K I Ross" momentarily distracted me.

The pilot is onboard, the lines have been cast, and another load of sugar sails down the Burnett River.
"New Ambition", escorted by local tug "Ballina"

It's now April 8 and a few of us are at the Burnett Heads Marina awaiting for "Doris" to arrive - but, wait, here she comes!!
"Doris" at the entrance to the Burnett River, with the waving crowd!!

Swinging the ship on the port anchor, aided by "SMIT Leopard" and "Ballina"

Almost there, the first lines are there. "Ballina" and "Smit Leopard" are easing "Doris" in.

 Further April port news in the next instalment - bye for now.

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