Friday, 1 June 2012

More Port Happenings - 1st June 2012

Stranded "Stargull", on the rocks at Burnett Heads 1 June 2012
The main reason for my visit to Burnett Heads today was to buy 3 potato scallops (or potato cakes, as you Southerners might say) from Baltimore's Take Away at the port marina. But first I had to join the others visiting Bundaberg's latest tourist attraction. The steel New Zealand yacht "Stargull", which ran aground yesterday, is so far up the beach that I'm not sure how the salvage will be done.

While my potato scallops were cooking (they are the best in Bundaberg), I wandered along the marina, looking for unique visitors, when I found the "HMAS Labuan", an LCH in navy parlance. This "Landing Craft - Heavy" was built in Maryborough Queensland in 1971 and is normally based at the navy base in Cairns (HMAS Cairns).

For some months now, rock and gravel from Childers is being exported to Curtis Island near Gladstone by barge ("MS1802") and tug ("Agros"). It seems the operation is ramping up, as the tug "MV Pedro" and barge "Carcinos" were tied up beside the Bundy-based tug "Ballina" at the Port. The previous port of "MV Pedro" was Brisbane, after which it sailed to Gladstone to pick up the barge.  Loading should commence after the next sugar ship and a molasses ship, due this week,  leave the Port.

As Bundy is expecting a few ships this coming week, the rock exporting will have wait for the sugar ship to leave, as they both load at the same wharf. In the meantime, this might give you an idea of the size of "Carcinos".

Just adding to yesterday's post - the steel yacht Stargull was moved around by the high tides and prevailing winds. It is now further up the beach and parallel to the shoreline.

The THSD "Brisbane" (trailing hopper suction dredge) has arrived in Bundaberg and is working on increasing the water depth at both the sugar terminal and the molasses wharf.

More news as it comes to hand.

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