Saturday, 28 April 2012

Railway Bridges of the Monto Line

The magnificent "Upside Down" bridge at Ideraway, near Gayndah
Most visitors to the Gayndah area travel down the dirt road to see the more famous Chowey Bridge. It is indeed a noteworthy bridge, but it is not alone. These are many memorable bridges on the Monto line. The seemingly upward curving deck of the Ideraway bridge is designed that way. When, if it ever happens again, a train crosses the bridge, the deck straightens under the load of the train.

Chowey Bridge, near Biggenden, Jan 2008

Another unique bridge in the area is the bridge across the Burnett River near Mt Lawless. Of timber construction it must have been built well to withstand the several recent floods, as well as the floods from years ago.

Mt Lawless Bridge showing construction detail, Jan 2008

Mt Lawless Bridge, Dec 2011

To continue the thread of timber bridges, we go east to the area around the small town of Brooweena. Here lies this most awesome curved trestle bridge. I had read about its existence, but it took some persistence by me to track down its actual location.

Curved wooden trestle bridge near Brooweena, May 2010

 Also near Brooweena is this great bridge ....

Straight trestle bridge, near Brooweena, May 2010


Well, that's it for this instalment - there are many more bridges on the Monto line to come, soon.

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