Friday, 6 April 2012

Realising a New Ambition

Early this morning I realised a new ambition, which was to get a good photo of the ship "New Ambition" as it sailed up the Burnett River. It left Kobe in Japan around 17th March.

As is usual these days, the local tug "Ballina" was supported by the Gladstone based tug "SMIT Leopard" which had come down to Bundaberg for the occasion.

The "New Ambition" will be loaded with sugar tonight and it's off to San Francisco on tomorrow morning's high tide. By now "Doris" should be moored off Bargara awaiting her turn on the high tide on Sunday morning.

"SMIT Leopard" and "Ballina" head to the river mouth to greet the ship.

Swinging the ship on its port anchor.
The small white boat is the line-boat, which carries the lines (ropes) from the ship to the wharf.

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