Monday, 23 July 2012

New Creation for Bundaberg

Well - as of yesterday, Bundaberg has a New Creation - not another turtle roundabout nor another whale wall. The New Creation is a 178m ship which came from Kaohsiung Taiwan to load sugar to go to San Francisco.

The most interesting part of a ship arriving in Bundy for me is when they turn the ship around prior to it docking at the sugar terminal. In this next photo you can see the port anchor in the river as the pivot point for swinging the ship.

Swinging the "New Creation", with the Line Boat in the foreground and the tug "Ballina" pushing.
Eventually the ship is pointing down the Burnett River, ready to be pushed to the wharf. As I write this, the ship will be almost loaded and ready to depart for SF on the next high tide, just before midday. I believe this to be the first ship for the "Ballina" under its new captain, following the retirement in June of local icon, "Captain Steve".

Tug "SMIT Leopard", "New Creation", the Line Boat and tug "Ballina"
I wish Steve a happy and safe retirement and thank him for helping me with my shipspotting in Bundaberg.

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