Monday, 28 November 2011

Kolan River Kayaking - #1

I was introduced to kayaking by a friend in 2008. Since then I have paddled most of the lower reaches of the Kolan River, just north of Bundaberg. From its entrance to the Coral Sea to the weir at Bucca, the river scenery varies from the estuarine mangroves near its mouth to the pebbled beaches, to the tunnels of trees in its upper reaches.
There are several launch-points along the river - my first cruise began from Bucca Crossing, a lovely picnic spot and it has good access to the water. From here one can paddle easily upstream in normal conditions.

Upstream from Bucca Crossing 29th June 2008                                  ©2008 WoJo12
I thought this is very beautiful and serene. But then I stopped for a longer break, hanging on to an overhanging tree - there IS a current in this river after all!!! After a few moments the air became alive with different sounds - the river itself was silent but its residents were not. Various birds were singing, and then out of the corner of my eye I heard a splash and just managed to see a turtle ducking for cover into the waters. I waited and I waited, camera at the ready. Then I had a good look at my first Kolan turtle, as it clambered back onto its precarious position on a sunny log.

Krefft's (River) Turtle - Chelymys krefftii   17 Jul 2008                     ©2008 WoJo12
I waited for another half an hour or so, and soon the single sunning turtle was joined by another, and by another - it was hypnotic - my eyes were constantly scanning the river for others - it really was alive.

More kayaking and uncovering the inhabitants of the Kolan in later posts.

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